I have been recording TV Themes since 2001, originally for my own listening pleasure, then I thought why not share them with others. I use various sources, such as Netflix, YouTube videos (for the shows not aired anymore), Cable, VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray's etc. I like to record my own (if I can) so they're unique and the best quality possible. Yeah, I could just download them from other sites or file-sharing programs, but most of them are bad quality plus that would defeat the uniqueness. Quality/quantity right? I have probably recorded at least 60% of the songs on this site, if not more.

TV Jukebox re-launched on March 31, 2011, after a 8 year hiatus. First launched in 2003, but didn't last long. When you're 18 working at McDonald's, it's hard to keep a server running, financially. It's going good now, been getting some positive feedback, mostly through email and hope it keeps coming. I do take requests, and would definitely love to hear what some of your favorite themes are.